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A Sexy Thriller ~ @MySexySaturday #MySexySaturday

This week’s theme is a sexy thriller.

Well, I don't have a romantic thriller. What I do have are the scenes that best show sexy characters and their sexy romance in a thriller type atmosphere. How they fell in love, what they do to stay in love and all the little details in between. The good, the bad and the ugly as it’s those situations which pull you closer to those characters.

And so I give you excerpt from my debut novel, a paranormal romance "Bonded By Crimson"

His tender voice had a calming effect on her frail nerves. He took  the glass from her hand and placed it on the coffee table.
A tear rolled down her cheek. He cupped her face and wiped the droplet away with his thumb. “Don’t cry. Please.”
She shivered at this touch. He slid his hand behind her neck, pulling her into his embrace.
In spite of her better judgement, her arms rose and slipped around his neck. She was in Heaven, enveloped in his masculine scent.
“Matthias, at last, at last. I waited for so long.” What the heck was she saying? The yearning inside her tightened her chest.
“No, my dove. You mustn't do this.” He brushed her hair back. A pained smile stretched his lips before he let her go.
Kate took a step back, holding her hand pressed against her heaving chest. “I—my head feels better. I’ll return to my room.”
He bowed. “You do that.” The cushions of the white chair bent under him when he sat.
She charged up the stairs. Had she gone insane? Acting on impulse was so not her. His dove, he called her. She snorted. Only Miles would use this special pet name for her.
Miles. The last time she’d thought about him had been during her talk with Mr. Zrin that first day. Could her creation of a fantasy lover possibly have returned in the body of a human? Of Mr. Zrin? Maybe the ghost of her past had entered the doctor’s mind so he could be together with her again. Miles hadn't occupied her mind once since she wrote his life story—when his constant presence in her thoughts almost drove her
crazy. But a terrible emptiness had swamped her after he disappeared, leaving scars in her soul. Mom had taught her not to believe in fairy tales, not to be
a dreamer, because life was too hard for nonsense. Mom’s word was law in her life and yet, Kate had written a fantasy novel. The bedding crinkled as she pulled the coverlet over her head. The pill Mr. Zrin had given her had kicked in fully. Her eyelids drooped. Right now wasn't the best time to sort out her confused feelings between the real Mr. Zrin and the imaginary Miles.

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Friday, October 3, 2014

Your Sexy State of Mind ~ @MySexySaturday

Welcome to another edition of Sexy Saturday.

The theme this week is your sexy state of mind…and sexy has nothing to do with looks or status or even wealth. It doesn't demand perfection and it isn't pretentious but it does make us want to read those books.

We know that everyone has their own idea of sexy and we all love sexy!

And when Marko met Sirena, she was a dirty pirate, far from perfect, but she shook him to the core and he knew then she'd be his undoing. Just as in this excerpt from my pirate's romance "Treasured Chest".

"A broken breath shook her chest. He stepped in and sauntered to her bunk. She turned to him and got to her feet. His manly scent enveloped her and clouded her mind. “Now is not the best time, Marko.”
“It’s never the time, is it?” His husky whisper, coupled with his gentle cupping of her chin, sent shivers of pleasant anticipation through her. “This could be the only time we have.”
Like a butterfly’s wings, his lips brushed hers and caused her breath to quiver. She wanted him to continue, to lay his hands on her, and pull her against his hard body. As if he read her mind, his arms wrapped around her waist. He deepened his kiss with a groan, tightening his hold around her. Her lips
parted and she breathed him in, allowing his tongue to explore her mouth. For a moment, she tasted wine on his skin, deep and affecting, like his voice. The soft bristles of his beard teased her neck and made her wonder what their joining would be like. God almighty, the man knew just how to handle her. Her legs gave out under her and she lost her balance, leaning into him. 
His tongue trailed over her chin and down her neck,coaxing a soft moan from her. “Sirena of the Adriatic,” he murmured, wrapping his arm around her shoulders. “Consider yourself claimed by me.”

Want more? Watch the book trailer: Treasured Chest ~ book trailer

Or better yet, get a copy for yourselves at Black Opal Books Amazon Barnes & Noble AllRomance eBooks Smashwords and Kobobooks

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Getting Your Sexy On ~ @MySexySaturday

The theme this week is all about getting your sexy on…no matter what your age. What is sexy to one person won’t necessarily be sexy to another. Yet, getting one’s sexy on is a driving theme no matter what the age of the character, no matter what situation they are in, be it life or death.

Everyone has that special significant other who makes them feel special, who makes them get their sexy on. Maybe in the beginning, they don’t even know just what’s going on. But they know something is because they feel different around the person. Their senses are heightened, they just know when that person enters a room because they can feel the electricity between them. They feel sexy every time that special someone is close.

So here's a sexy excerpt from my time travel/divine intervention romance "Love Remains"

He hung the wet dishcloth over the stove handle and headed upstairs. The light under the door of master suite drew his attention.
“Olivia.” He knocked on the door. “I need to get my toothbrush out of the bathroom.”
The door flung open and she held a flannel plaid cloth in his face. “What is this?”
“Your pajama bottoms.”
“This can’t be mine. It’s huge and ugly.”
“You love sleeping in it.” He smiled, balling his hands into fists to stop from wrapping her in his arms. She appeared in need of reassuring and at the same time stared at him with that same blank expression. He’d never seen her grey eyes this cold. The overhead light shone on her long, raven hair as she threw the pants on the bed behind her, where he’d planned to make wild love to her. It had been a while.
“Where’s my black, silk nightie with thin straps?”
“Oh, that little number?” He couldn’t stop from grinning. “Well, let’s just say, the last time you put it on, nine months later, we had Rosie.”
She shot him a sharp look. “Don’t try to slip your kid as mine. Not going to work.”
He shrugged one shoulder. She was starting again. “I’m not trying anything. And it’s kids. More than one.”
Her eyes narrowed and her look turned dubious. “How many kids do you have?”
“We,” he said, pointing a finger from her to himself, but his annoyance with her
mellowed. She gave him his kids after all. “You and I have two kids. A boy and a girl.”
With her finger straight up, she stepped closer to him. “You and I have nothing together. Understand?”
“Honey, don’t start aga—”
“I’m not your honey,” she shouted, and her face turned red.
Tom nodded at the door to his left. “Keep your voice down. Rosie’s nursery is right there.”
A baby’s cry pierced the air. He exhaled in exasperation. “Great. It took me hours to put her down.”
Olivia slouched, wrapped her arms around her chest and cried out as if she was in
pain. She pulled her hands away and stared at them in bewilderment while wet spots formed on her shirt.
“I’ll get a bottle.” He turned toward the stairs, hoping she had not noticed his bulging pants. The mere thought of her breasts swelling up and bursting with milk tightened his crotch to painful levels.
“I’m lactating?”
“You barely stopped nursing two weeks ago. With Milo, you got engorged when you weaned.” He grabbed her shoulders, pushed her toward the suite bathroom. “If Rosie smells breast milk, she’ll scream like a banshee. Go shower.”
He yanked on his pants to loosen the pressure on his groin. The running water in the
shower stirred his imagination again. He pushed on the bathroom door. To his delight,
Olivia had not locked it. She never did. He peeked inside. Her gorgeous figure showed
through the frosted glass of the cubicle door. Shower foam hugged her curves. Another
wave of desire slammed into his pelvis. Damn, he should be kissing every inch of her.

You can snatch a copy for your


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Author in the Spotlight: J.S. Wilsoncroft


J.S. Wilsoncroft lives in a small town in Central Pennsylvania with her hubby, two children and two yappy dogs.  She grooms dogs during the day and writes romance stories at night.  Often times, she gets her story ideas while shaving dog's butts. So it's safe to say, she won't be quitting her day job anytime soon. :)  J.S. currently has four romance books available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashword, Kobo and many other sites. Her books are Fat Chances, Remembering Zane, The Unfaithful Widow and My Haunting Love. She has a new one coming out soon called Roller Coaster Love. Book one of a three books series called Roller Coast Love Series. 

Check J.S. Wilsoncroft on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Twitter @jswilsoncroft
Instagram  JSWilsoncroft

You can find the links to her books on her author page on Amazon


Please tell us about your writing. Can you explain the title without giving too much away?
What was your journey as a writer?
I am inspired by authors like Arturo Perez Reverte, Jack Vance, Dan Simmons, Beatrice Small, J.R.R Tolkien, C. S. Lewis.

What writers inspire you? Hmmm...Since I write mostly romance novels, I would have to say Danielle Steel, Nicholas Spark and Stephenie Meyer. I also read of  lot of Stephen King and VC Andrew books during my teenage years.

What are your future writing goals? My goal is to put out the best book I can write. I want to grow and learn from each book. And having a publisher and editor teaching me, helping me along the way makes a huge difference.

Whom do you see as your ideal reader? Anyone that reads my book and tells me that they love it is my ideal reader. There is nothing more rewarding then hearing some random person tell me that they love my books. It just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. :)

When you have time, what would we find you reading? I try to read other Indie author books. We 'Indies' try to support each other as much as we can. Although, by the repeated request from my thirteen year old daughter I had just finished reading The Fault in Our Stars. I am now reading Becca Boucher's Hunting the Moon.

What do you learn from your writing?

Who has been your biggest supporter? That is easy...My family and friends, but if I were to choose one person it would be my father. He is asking me all the time, "How are your books doing? When is your new one coming out?" God Love him!!!

How are you promoting your work?

What advice can you give to aspiring writers? I just had a fifteen year old ask me for advice and my answer to him was "Keep writing and reading. If you find yourself at a writer's roadblock, take a break and read." Read anything. And most importantly...NEVER GIVE UP!!

Thank you for being my guest today. I wish you the best of luck with your writing. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Raise a Paw of Love to help animals

What can we do as writers and poets to help animals in need? We can write, sell the book and donate the money – after publishing fees – to animal shelters, sanctuaries and animal hospices to help their dedicated work. The Read for Animals project started when I was organizing and rewriting the short stories I have written the past few years. The idea came to me that with a few of my friends we could put together an anthology to help animals, and I asked my animal lover friends if they’d like to participate. They responded, and the stories and poems started flooding in. We published the first book of the Read for Animals series, and the first $100 donation was made to Columbia Greene animal shelter of NY, thanks to animal lovers who purchased the book. This book is the second in the Read for Animals series. Some stories will make you laugh out loud; others will warm your heart and make you cry. Some stories are true, and the fantasy stories will make you think… what if? Each author and poet brings their unique writing style, to make the book enjoyable. Thank you for helping our furry, scaly and feathered friends in need, by purchasing this books.
-Erika M Szabo

Read for Animals #1

The contributing authors, poets and artists:

Erika M Szabo, Lorinda J. Taylor, Cindy J. Smith, Jeanne E. Rogers, Zrinka Jelic, Patrick O’Scheen, Kristine Raymond, Shebat Legion, Sandra Novelly, Shannon Sonneveldt, Julie Davis Dundas, Linda Whitehead Humbert, Debbie D. (Doglady), Klarissa Kocsis

Read for Animals #2

The contributing authors and poets:

Erika M Szabo, Evelyn Steward, Jennifer Priester, Lorinda J. Taylor, Olyn Warfield, Paula Shene, Jeanne E. Rogers, Aya Walksfar, Pamela Griffiths, Linda Whitehead Humbert, Alice Marks, John A. Miller, Brian T Shirley, Tracey Dixon, Sandra Novelly, Susan M Plake, Barbara Corry, Michael Spisak, Susan Austin.

Hello, my name is Oreo
I'm the mascot of the Read for Animals project and I need your help.
I'd like to visit as many blogs, websites, Facebook and other social site pages as I can to talk about the Read for Animals project
and raise some paws to help my friends in shelters.

Friday, September 19, 2014

My Sexy Saturday

This week's theme is couples who seem to have it all. The ones that jet-set around the world, drive the nicest cars, live in the coolest houses...or not. 
The point is that it doesn't matter what you have or don’t have. Romance happens everywhere, to everyone.
The characters who who love each other so much that it doesn't matter where they are, who they are, what they have or don’t have. These characters are going to stick with each other through thick and thin. These are the ones who just want to be with each other, love each other and always be together, no matter how long or short the time.

So here's more to drool, sigh and love about my debut novel Bonded By Crimson as I share special love stories with you. Happily-ever-afters start with some fantastic moments like this. 

"They reached the park’s cement wall. There was not a soul about. The entrance stood a few steps to their left, illuminated by two dim lights. With a hard pull of his hand,
he swung her around to face him.

He caressed her hair. She trembled, fearing he would kiss her, terrified he wouldn't.
She stared into his eyes. Deep pools of blue, they held hers captive, weaving a spell of desire. This ancient park, this immortal man, the atmosphere, all combined to surround her heart with magic.

“To hell with the pretenses,” he growled, cupped her face in his hands, and crushed his lips to hers."

And there you have it, this sizzling love had humble beginnings. 

Hope you'll continue hopping and check out all sexy excerpts on the blogs. 

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Monday Morning Trivia

I'm starting a new Monday's feature on my blog that I'd like to call "Monday Morning Trivia". It's something little about a book, like did you know that...?

I would like to invite all, authors and readers, who'd like to have their book featured here to contact me via my blog or Facebook channels. If you have a book or if you read a book that has interesting tidbit, be it a place in the story, a legend (local legends are usually unknown to the rest of the world), a song the story is based on, or a name of a character or even a character itself, please share with me and the rest of us.

I'd like to start off with my pirate's romance titled "Treasured Chest", published by Black Opal Books in 2012. available at Black Opal Books Amazon Barnes & Noble AllRomance eBooks Smashwords and Kobobooks

The book takes place on the Adriatic Sea and I'm sure you all know that's a real place. But what you may not know, the steaming love scene in the book takes place inside the Blue Cave. After a few readers commented "if only the Blue Cave was real" I had decided to show you that in fact it is real. There are many Blue Caves or Azure Caves or Emerald Caves through out the world and the one in my book is a natural phenomena that occurs only at the certain time of day and during certain time of the year. 

As per Wiki:
"The Blue Grotto or Blue Cave (CroatianModra špilja), is a water-logged sea cave located in a small bay called Balun (Ball in the local dialect), on the east side of the island of Biševo and about 4.5 nautical miles (8.3 km) from Komiža, in the Croatian Adriatic. It is situated in the central Dalmatian archipelago, 5 km south-west of the island of Vis. The grotto is one of the best known natural beauty spots on the Adriatic and a popular show cave because of the glowing blue light that appears at certain times of day"

And of course the picture speaks thousand words so here's the most astonishing Blue Cave captured on the camera. It is at this place they discovered the treasure chest hidden for decades that many were after. Here's a excerpt. 

"They exchanged the puzzled glances then gaped at the detailed top of another chest placed inside the plain wooden box. Gold leaves decorated the corners of deep, red leather.
“Looks like it hasn’t seen daylight in decades. Do you think this is the crest of the Marquis?” She pointed to encircled winged lion bearing the letters DG.
He slowly pulled the leather box out of its protective covering. “We’ll find out soon.”"

In a way the readers' comments made me feel great, it shows I captured the beauty of this place on the page. And as you can see it, it is real. 

Should you take a trip to this part of the world, check out the trip advisory on the link to the page where people who visited left their impressions. 

And I'd love to leave you with a video from this place. Don't forget to leave a comment and do come again when I post more locations from the book. And don't forget to contact me if you want me to host your book with something you'd like to forecast.